PREVIOUSLY - Janet's curiosity over the outcome of Cappy and Co.'s escape from the Isle of Nmp-Chk has taken over, and she digs out her father's account to read further.

Cappy and Fuish, in the middle of escape plans, are taken into custody by Snarf, to be questioned on a certain message-containing can, found in the sea by fishers. 

In the middle of all this, Cappy is spritied away by the Princess, so she can marry him.

Despite unheard protests that he's already married, he plays along, hoping to find a means of extricating himself from the situation permanently ... in other words, getting out of there!

From the Princess's hands to the Oom-Pah-Pah's hands, Cappy in once again spirited away to be shown his "duties" as Prince and POSNOD of Nmp-Chk.  He discovers Mrs. Cappy in the Royal Pet Pool (one of his duties is feeding the pets).  

Fleugel, in the meantime, has recused fish out of the tower and together they find Cappy. Cappy is stuck in his charade for now, receives his new wardrobe, and is taken on a tour of his new office.

Janet learns from her father that Cappy was a real person, and the story really happened!  She takes that with a very large grain of salt.

IN TWO FRIDAYS (Sep. 17)- NEW EPISODE - NEW LOOK!  Watch for "Darn Those Ghosts and Entrepreneurs!" 

On another note:  This website will be shutting down, as the "free" in "free website" is no more, but not to worry, I'm setting up another one and the stories will continue.  I'll keep you posted the usual way